Reproduction & Maturity

Reproduction & Maturity

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Age & Growth

While there isn’t much information on the species as a whole, the following can provide a generic insight on the species life cycle as well as some typical behaviors they made demonstrate in the wild. The spotted eagle ray is one of the larger rays in the ocean. One can grow to approximately 16 feet long as well as 10 feet wide. Additionally, they can live up to 25 years in the ocean. Additionally, the spotted eagle ray matures between 4 to 6 years.1


(Active Mating)

Building on top of what was depicted in age & growth, it’s important to determine how reproduction occurs with the species. On top of the maturity range of the species, it often only takes 30 to 90 seconds to mate and the mother can eventually bare up to 4 babies, otherwise known as pups.2 The gestation period for this species is approximately a year as well.3 Additionally, the species is a “matrotrophic viviparous species exhibiting lipid histotrophy.”4 Additionally, the species is “ovoviviparous” which means they perform live birth.5 What is unique about the spotted eagle ray is that, according to the Diet and reproduction in the white-spotted eagle ray Aetobatus narinari from Queensland, Australia and the Penghu Islands, Taiwan paper, “only the left ovary and uterus are functional.”6 To successfully mate, the species perform “venter to venter” which is also known as “belly to belly” before it inserts its claspers and continues the mating process.7

(Live Birth):


The organization, Sea World, described the species as “congregating in large schools” and also tend to jump out of the water often.8 Additionally, they are described to be “shy, gentle creatures that pose no significant threat to humans” as well as being “intelligent, curious animals.”9



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