DigiSpace Spring 24′ Brainstorm

DigiSpace Spring 24′ Brainstorm

If I were in charge of altering the introduction to ePortfolio, I’d do the following:

Approach (In General):

  • Require the students to watch the demo video and submit a summary before class so they’ve had to watch the video for credit
  • Have them make the basic outline/skeleton of the website with a menu before class
  • Use class time as helping people branch out their website with different posts/pages/categories/information
  • Be a resource in the class if there is any additional things they want on the website (require 3 things before end of class time)

Approach (For my Major):

  • The course I would chose to integrate into ePortfolio would be the Marine Affairs Capstone course
  • I think it’s important to share the poster that we had to make for a poster session, the powerpoint we had to make about the issue we’re tackling with the capstone project, the powerpoint about our capstone project, and something regarding the final paper (maybe a summary of what we did, what we found, and our ideas/thoughts)
  • These could be made as posts under the topic of the major

In class teaching ePortfolio for my major:

  • Utilize the first 5 minutes of re-showing the intro video on how to make a website
  • Use the next 5 minutes to give a quick demo of adding a menu, category, and post
  • Give 40 minutes as workshop time that they have to add at least one of the previously mentioned topics
  • Use the next 20 minutes to review of everyone’s eportfolio on the screen showing what things could look like from their peers and give others ideas but also ensures that at least the first post gets done
  • Use the last 10 minutes as a Q&A if anyone has any

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