Digi Reflection – The Podcast

Digi Reflection – The Podcast

SAILing for initial podcasting project

I’ve learned a lot this semester working with the audio equipment in order to create a podcast for my digi project. The first episode went well with having three guests on the podcast sharing their experiences with transfering in college, hence the overarching theme for the first episode being Transfering – When & Why. Although I need to finish the editing portion of the raw audio, I still got the ability to become more familiar with both the soundboard and the equipment that goes along with it. Next semester I am going to continue my podcast with more episode that I already have planned out and I’ll try to determine a scheduled release time for all the episodes. I’ve also talked with Dr. Cripps about potentially contributing to the Arts & Humanities page with my podcasting content in the near future.

Video taken during the podcasting session (no audio)

I’ve also learned how to better assist both professors and students with ePortfolio through class visits and drop-in or appointment hours.

I can’t wait for what 2023 holds

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